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Our strength is to imagine, discover and design unique solutions, adaptable to our customers’ needs, and to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of Latin American food industry, through our ingredients and processing machines and technology.





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Seasoning the nutrition with flavors, we create unique sensations, textures and exclusive flavors, captivating the healthiest taste. We outstand and add value through fun and functional nutrition. We also create innovative ingredients according to your needs and brand personality, making it unique and exquisite.






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We are globalized and on vanguard, and this is what makes us the perfect ingredient that guarantees your innovation. Our partnership with peers and stakeholders is solid, based on innovation, flexibility and quality. Each part of our formula is unique and original.






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We are on the forefront of processing technologies leading toward ergonomics, hygiene and precision in the food processing. Our milling, cutting and grating deliver fresher and more attractive products that last for much longer.



Take a look to our variety of ingredients

We contribute to innovation by supplying forefront ingredients and specialized solutions for the food and nutritional industry in Latin America. These ingredients play a fundamental role in the scope of the projects of our customers, approaching fair and competitive prices, with the quality required by the regulations.



Meet our partners

We are part of a huge strategic network that aims toward the achievement of new commercial relationships and partners that last through time, as well as the quality production. These products add value to the multiple brands part of our customers, and help enhancing profitability for their businesses. We are agents who represent global ingredient suppliers which promote innovation and competitiveness in the food industry of Latin America.



We work for your industry, designing experiences based on flavors and textures that flow into unique sensations. We also offer a complete advisory service for the development of new products, contributing to the highlight and improvement of the health & wellness market.

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We not only deliver quality, experience and fun, but also optimize processes and aim for modern functional and nutritional applications. Our platforms cover a wide variety of industries that are innovative, disruptive, flexible and adapt to the particular needs of your brand.

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Our food processing machines has avant-garde technology, as it provides efficiency, innovation and accuracy in the process, milling, grinding, cutting and grating of food, avoiding the loss of nutrients and product caking / cumpling.

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Parker’s Toffee candies are soft or hard-textured candies, with the possibility of being stable when baked and/or containing nuts or other aggregates. They can be used in ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, toppings, cookies and pastries. Natural, Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, with or without nuts.

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Toffee aggregates

Featured ingredient

Inclusiones para panificación

Balchem lipid-based inclusions are designed to convey sensory experiences and improve food products, protecting and providing flavor, aroma and color. They are easily incorporated into food and release their functional components when they reach their melting point, protecting sensitive ingredients and without affecting leavening processes.

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Inclusions for bread making

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Virginia Dare vanilla is carefully cultivated, harvested and cured in Madagascar. Patented extraction processes retain the most volatile vanilla aromatics, ensuring a unique consumer experience. More than 70 types of vanilla flavors and blends with other flavors, deliver multiple profiles in liquid, concentrated and powdered versions, being able to choose their origin from Natural, through N&A, WONF and Artificial.

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Natural vanilla extract

Featured ingredient

Ingredientes a base de flor de vainilla - Nutrilink

Pomegranate is an exotic fruit, whose structure is based on a seed surrounded by a layer of red juice, chewable texture and particular flavor. This fruit is characterized by its large amount of polyphenols and antioxidant capacity, can also inhibit inflammation, contains potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, is a significant source of vitamins A, C and K.

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Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

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Microdehydrated beet preserves the nutrients of the plant, giving the opportunity to be used as an integral ingredient and dye in food, drinks and healthy products. Beetroot contains minerals such as iron, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, a high sugar content, is low in calories, has a sweet and earthy taste.

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Reishi or Ganoderma lucidum is a fungus used in traditional Eastern medicine, due to its immunological effects. Reishi is characterized by having antiaterosclerotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, hypolipidemic, antifibrotic, avoids mental fatigue, is sleep promoter, among others.

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Reishi Extract

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Wild or cultivated surface with intense flavor and color, categorized by having high antioxidant properties. Its nutritional value is available in a wide variety of presentations such as osmodeshidratados, microdehydrated, in concentrated juices, pulps, pulverized, among others.

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Fruits characterized by being an excellent source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and fiber; which deliver nutrition, color and flavor to a wide variety of food products. They are ingredients that work very well in their application in cakes, muffins, breads, fruit cakes, frozen products, confits, chocolates, cereal bars, trailmixes, snacks, hams and more.

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Dried figs, whole and pieces thereof

Featured ingredient


Sweets with effervescent mouthfeel and explosive effects that deliver color and unmatched visual appeal; generating fun and unique sensations in the mouth. They are mainly incorporated as topping to a wide range of products aimed at the industry: confectionery, chocolate, dairy and health-oriented products, wellness and children’s entertainment.

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Plain popping candy

Featured ingredient

Popping candy
Cookies Gems

Micro cookies in the form of gems presented in different sizes and uniform shapes with minimal imperfections. They have nutritional and healthy characteristics (on specific request); as well as high-protein versions, without hydrogenated fats, Non GMO, multigrain and gluten-free.

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Cookie Gems

Featured ingredient


Milk is the basis of caramel products and powdered milk sweets. By using drying technologies you get real caramel powders completely natural and easy to implement. These ingredients give your applications the taste and texture of caramel in a wide range of varieties with different types of tones, aromas and in a lot of specialties.

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Featured ingredient

Proteína de avena

Natural vegetable protein concentrate of oats of Nordic origin patented thanks to its gentle separation process without the use of solvents and chemicals. This ingredient helps meet the growing demand of consumers who prefer protein-enriched foods and nutritional supplements.

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Oat protein

Featured ingredient



This is an industrial food processing machine designed for grating and grinding food in a secure and versatile way. Its pre-rotation system allows a soft and gentle processing of the product, avoiding friction, clumping and particle caking.

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High-precision coffee grinder that guarantees custom made grinds, from espresso to Turkish coffee type. It is an example of technical innovation aimed at fulfilling the high requirements in terms of hygiene, precision and perfection of grinding in large quantities.

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Machine for dehydrated and dried fruit processing, meeting the highest standards of hygiene, quality and technology. It declumps compressed blocks of dried fruit/frozen vegetables into free-flowing, individual pieces without altering the quality of product.

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Ideal machine for cutting vegetables, fruits and grate cheeses within the food service industry, hotels and restaurants. GSM5 drawing cut technology ensures that processed foods stay fresh longer and retain their natural nutrients.

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Balchem not only optimizes production processes but also delivers dynamic concepts and semi-finished bases, aimed at today’s consumption trends; its products facilitate production processes with a wide range of sprays, fillers, coatings, drink bases, nutritional bases, ice cream bases, creaming agents, cereals, encapsulated, among other ingredients.

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Milne Fruit’s formulation and composition services focus on developing customized products and innovative new processes based on patented technologies and a united new product development team. This approach encourages collaboration across disciplines and ensures that Milne Fruit is at the forefront of the ingredients industry that source fruits and vegetables.

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Milne MicroDried

Milne MicroDried. uses a patented drying technology that uses low-impact vacuum radiant energy for dehydration. This preserves most vitamins, minerals, and other natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables, while preserving size, taste, texture, and color, spraying, freezing, and dry infused products

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Graceland Fruit is a leading manufacturer of dehydrated fruits and fruit syrups committed to innovation and excellence for nearly 50 years. Its osmodeshidrated fruits, not only contain a high nutritional value and stability, but also deliver the color and flavor of fresh fruits to a wide variety of food applications.

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Creative Foods redefines the role of the cookie by creating new designs, textures and attractive flavors, as well as new visual and sensory experiences. From whole cookies and gems to crushed products are ingredients full of flavor and crunchiness; being postulated as creative and eye-catching solutions for the market.

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Polpa brasil

Polpabrasil expands the spectrum of pulp use of tropical and Amazonian fruits such as: Acai, Acerola, Banano, Maracuyá, Guanabana, among others in custom-made solutions. They are ingredients that deliver versatility and innovation in applications of bakery, chocolate, snacks, pastry, hot drinks, cereals, among others; because they can be customized in size, shape, moisture levels, presentation and texture.

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Parker Products delivers amazing ingredients that provide visual and sensory charms, which are intriguing to their consumers. Its aggregates, toppings, additions, pieces, nougats, candies, clusters can be incorporated into a wide variety of food developments ranging from bakery and ice cream products to drinks, snacks and confections.

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Hleks not only invented the Popping Candy but reinvented it as a fun-giving ingredient, versatility and experience in unimaginable applications making use of their presentations with or without chocolate. These ingredients bring visual appeal and unique experiences. Popping candy is a sweet characterized by having an effervescent mouthfeel and explosive effects.

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Valley fig

Valley Fig Growers turns the fig into a delicious, healthy, nutritious and attractive component in bakery, pastry and many more applications. Its ingredients derived from the Fig type Mission, Adriatic, Kadota and Calimyrna are incorporated as inclusions, fillers, nuggets, pastas and spreads or substitutes for other fruits, demonstrating its great potential.

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Draco Natural Products is a leading manufacturer of botanical extracts with standardized, full-spectrum, supercritical bioactive extracts made with the highest solvent-free extraction technology from botanical sources; which provide key phytoconcentrates for human well-being.

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Brunner anliker

The innovation of Brunner-Anliker is provided by ergonomics, reliability, durability, hygiene and all the kindness of its cutting, shredding and grinding equipment when processing fruits, vegetables, cheeses, chocolate nuts, among other food products. The efficiency and accuracy of your discs and drums and your cutting geometry technology, deliver fresher and more attractive products, for longer.

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Dr. Suwelack

Dr. Suwelack is the expert on dairy specialties. Its formulations reflect exceptional quality by combining the unique taste of fresh products with the advantages and convenience of powder presentation. Its unique technology in drying, makes powdered versions of: yogurt, candy, creams and other dairy specialties, have the most unexpected and unexplored applications.

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Milk specialities

Milk Specialties Global is specialized in the design of proteins from milk and whey, which optimize health and nutrition, continuously exploring innovative ways to improve the behavior and value of its products in applications such as snacks, drinks, supplements, cereals, among others. Its proteins are extracted from ingredients of the highest quality ensuring their purity, consistency and functionality through the latest membrane filtration technologies.

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Virginia Dare

In 100 years of history Virginia Dare (VD) has been overcooked by having the best natural flavors anticipating the future. VD achieves memorable experiences in each natural ingredient through its extraction process that retains the aromatics longer. VD is a world leader in foundational extracts such as Vanilla, Tea, Coffee and Cocoa and is a pioneer in flavor enhancers such as maskers and modulators.

Learn more about Virginia Dare here Ingredientes a base de flor de vainilla - Nutrilink

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern European leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. With research, development and operations throughout the value chain, the company takes responsibility from the field to the table.

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